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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Rate Your Lawyer out of 10

This site allows you to rate your lawyer out of 10.

The purpose of the site is to give clients the opportunity to give feed back on their lawyers performance and for new clients to do a search on the site and check out their lawyer before giving them an instruction also to see that they have not been reported to the law society in the past or been sued in negligence in the past or stolen clients funds in the past and have treated their clients in accordance with the solicitors rules here are some common issues :-

1. Have the lawyers been clear about their instruction in writing and has the client really understood his instruction and not been misled by the instruction.

2. Make sure the lawyers have not misrepresented their firm or their skill set or that of their staff to the client in terms of brochures, leaflets, or web sites or any other media.

3. The lawyer's conduct while under instruction.

4. How the law firm deals with estimating the work to be done and gives a a fixed estimate that would allow a 15% margin of error currently the law is in a state of flux on this matter.

5. How the law firm deals with the detailed explanation of the actual work undertaken in the invoice and how this relates to the time sheets

6. How the law firm deals with keeping the client advised of any additional work that would need to be agreed first in writing between the parties before the liability can be incurred by the client.

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